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  Chisato Kogo  

Representative of Chisato-sha Company and Chisato Kogo Design Room. Food creator, Dietician and Designer. Nutritionist. Associate Professor of Kurashiki Sakuyo University. Visiting Researcher of Institute of International Culture, Showa Women's University.

Graduated Kagawa Nutrition College. Started activity from school days, as a cooking coordinator of magazines and television. After graduating the university, was active at the food special publisher "Gun-yo sha" as cooking special editor and table coordinator. Became independent in 1994. After becoming independent, established food coordinate and design company "Chisato-sha" and opened the studio in Shirogane, Minato-ku in Tokyo.

Took charge of the serialization of magazines. And also took charge of cooking production and coordination for television programs and commercials. In addition, planned the TV cooking program for children, also performed and produced cooking. Furthermore manages announcement, production of books, design of vessels, table coordinating, plans of restaurants and development of menu.

As a specialist of cooking, manages the planning, production and the cooking in the flow which is consistent as policy of her company. Her purpose is to appeal to living persons the importance of "handmade cooking" and the relation of the food, environment, nutrition, and the theory and practice of cooking and is to spread them. As for one of her activities, produced Japanese agricultural cooperative plan "Rice information card" (100 cooking recepie cards) with 2 year continuation, with participating to the plan, configuration and cooking production. In addition, supervises the commercial of Energy Conservation Center. She conveys the enjoyment of cooking and the importance of nutrition to everyone regardless of age and sex.

From the year 2003 to 2005, she took charge of design and coordinate of vessels of Japanese Restaurants in Grand Hyatt Tokyo (2003) and Conrad Tokyo (2005). In 2011, she took charge of planning, interior design, food coordinate and creative direction of Japanese Restaurant, Roppongi 3 chome "Shichi Jyu Ni Kou". And in 2012, collaborating with Kengo Kuma and Associates, took charge of interior design, food coordinate and creative direction of the first branch, Marunouchi 1 chome "Shichi Jyu Ni Kou" which opened at the Tokyo Station Hotel.

Since 2012, she is Associate Professor of Department of Contemporary Food Culture, Faculty of Food Culture, Kurashiki Sakuyo University in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture and is committed to the development of human resources to food coordinate. And also she is Visiting Researcher of Institute of International Culture, Showa Women's University. As researcher, she researches vegetarian food in Vietnam and has workshops and lectures for these 10 years to be designated officially as precious assets of world heritage.

Chisato Kogo's books :
"Gochiso sitaku naru Oishii Healthy Menu."
"Obento Healthy Book."
" Yakitate no Pan to Okashi wo meshiagare."
" Chocolate no Okashi : Recepie to Wrapping."
" Kantan Shikomi de Oishii Ryori ga dekita."
" Funwari Sifoncake."
" Sappari sita Sutamina Ryori."
" Hudan-gi no Gochiso."
" Healthy ga Oishii."
" Atarashii Oishii wo douzo."
" Kou-Tampaku Tei-Carori no Balance Kondate-Shu."
" Party Menu."

"Mitsuketa Shoku no Kokoro Tabi", TV drama (the offer by Ministry of
Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries).

"Energy Conservation CM": TV commercial of The Energy Conservation Center.
This commercial was awarded gold prize in TV commercial and
public announcement section of 40th competition:
"The announcement that had become for the consumer"
(Sponsorship of Japan Advertisers Association INC).

Architectural Institute of Japan

Japanese Society of Nutrition and Dietetics
Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science

The Japanese Association for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits
Japan Foodjournalist Association
Japan Food Coordinators Association
The Japan Society of Cookery Science


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